Tuesday, March 2, 2010

internships r us.

this will my office for the summer... a little step up from byu campus

well folks, it's official... i'll be spending my summer days on third avenue this year. mccann erickson new york here i come! this agency is amazing with clients that i am excited about. my flight has been purchased and the housing is ready to roll. now all i have to do is wait to gradu8. 2 more months and a college grad i'll be. i've never felt so much excitement and pure terror at the same time. cheers to adulthood... it's creepin' up on me.


  1. NYC is the best city in the world! enjoy

  2. no way ky ky! that is so exciting. can i come visit you?


  3. Ahh!!! Im moving to nyc this summer too! See you there :)