Monday, February 22, 2010

huntington beach.

some great friends who are residents of huntington beach wanted some photos of their city to hang in their house on the beach. we got them printed on large canvas' and from what i hear, they turned out great. it was a fun project for me and pulling these out of the archives from last summer reminded me of how great it is to live there. i sure do miss having the beach 3 blocks from home. see the rest here.


  1. I love the processing of these - so soft & pretty (what did you do??).

    Also - who did you use for the canvas prints? I love that idea.

    I'm so full of questions. :)

  2. i just messed with the saturation & warmth in photoshop and the company is super impressed with them! reasonable pricing, too.

  3.'re awesome. These pictures make me want to just pick up and fly home to Hawaii!