Thursday, September 10, 2009


here it is: home for the next 8 months. i am in love with this place and the people inside of it already. i'm glad that after long days with the creative track, i'll get to come home to this! we've been taking advantage of the warm weather by sitting on our front porch, sipping sodas, and studying (which is code for hanging out and talking.)

coming soon: the girls who live inside


  1. That's the Candy Shoppe, ain't it? only without a gross couch. right?

  2. what i meant to say is i am sorry and i will css you up tomorrow. let me give you a call

    from you know who.

  3. ARE YOU TRYING TO MAKE ME JEALOUS? i miss that place so badly. it's nice to know you'll keep the happy memories coming and look good while doing it.