Thursday, September 10, 2009

cole turns 16.

people who know me understand that my little brother is one of my favorite people. he is the nicest, coolest 16 year old you will ever meet. he turned 16 a while back and my mom put together quite the par-tay complete with shaved ice, pizza, lots of treats, and fun. "the show," a band of some of cole's friends even played some tunes (unfortunately, in our lovely garage because of rain.) i wished the lighting situation would have been better for photos, but here are a few. happy 16th cole!

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  1. I think it's quite fun that he sort of fills in the gap between the two of you. Meaning, you & Kelsey don't look like twins by any means (albeit related, yes) but I feel like he really looks like BOTH of you - which means that you all look perfectly alike. Does that make sense? I'm rambling. Anyway - happy birthday to him. :)