Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alec + Sarah

IMG_0007 1IMG_0056 1IMG_0138 1IMG_0179IMG_0199

Sarah and I were besties and roommates freshman year and beyond. Flash forward 6 years and we're both getting married and moving to NYC within a month of each other. I love it. Speaking of moving, I'll be apartment hunting in NYC next week while I'm shooting Alec & Sarah's wedding. Do any of you NYC friends have tips?


  1. Hmmm... Be willing to compromise? Have an open mind? That's all I can think of on apartment tips. NYC apartment hunting is crazy, as you know. I'm sure you'll find something great in the end! I hope you move to Harlem! Our ward is awesome!

  2. Beautiful photos, Kylie! I still want to know your secret post-processing magic :) Me and digital are not exactly friends yet. Cant wait to see their wedding photos.

    1. Chad! Thank you thank you. I keep my post-processing super simple. I use curves (command + m) in photoshop to brighten things up and I also sharpen a little. I never alter the color or use actions, but I will occasionally alter the white balance if it's off. I think what helps me is taking a ton of photos in different lighting situations. A lot of times I'll load my photos and hate a lot of them because the light wasn't the best choice (that's why I am so scared of film- i'm kind of a rookie when it comes to understanding light!) Anyways, that's my strategy. Simple but it works for the time being until I learn more :) I love the look of your film photos- I'm going to try it out one of these days when I get some courage.

    2. I'd say you have a pretty good grip on light. Thanks for sharing, though. Good to know a photographer that doesn't ruin a perfectly good photo with a bunch of unnecessary filters and gross alterations. I'll keep my eyes open for your film photos :)