Tuesday, May 3, 2011

New York in the Spring.


Last week we went to New York. I knew it would be a great trip and it absolutely delivered. Gorgeous weather, familiar delicious food, family, and I even got to see a few city friends!  For the record, Mom + Dad were there too.  I don't know how they sneaked out of the photos...

For records sake, this trip included:
-Watching Kelsey film Season 2 of Kelsey's Essentials, meeting her crew, watching her work magic behind the camera. So fun.
-Eating at Brooklyn's finest BBQ joint Feta Sau with cousin Braden
-Church on the Upper East Side (i love it up there) on Easter Sunday
-Dining at Market Table in the village and having HARRY POTTER two tables away (i'm not lying)
-Walking through the village and falling in love with Grove Street area
-Relaxing/playing catch in Central Park
-Roaming Chelsea Market and laying in the sun at the Highline Park
-Max Brenner for dessert one night (couldn't resist the Eighties Milkshake)
-Brunching at Norma's (my first time and I would absolutely recommend it!)
-Visiting the new London Candy Shoppe on the UES and overdosing on the chocolate I used to eat on my study abroad (double decker bars anyone?)
-Eating at The Meatball Shoppe and loving it even more than last time

Apparently I haven't had enough... I'll be back next week for work (we'll be here and I'm thrilled!)


  1. in love with these photos and the people in them.


  2. Absolutely photos! Happy to have come across your blog :)

  3. Looks like a dream Kylie! Someday we will be in NYC at the same time again and spend an evening at the Rancho.

  4. Great shots! I would like to be able to visit NYC anytime... but spring looks fabulous.

  5. found you through sweet janis at my suitcase heart... my name is kylie too! beautiful photos!