Monday, February 14, 2011

More Kate Spade Please.


I can't get enough of Kate Spade lately. The branding, the art direction, the colors, the clothes... It's all out of this world (and out of my budget, too but there's nothing wrong with looking, right?) Kate has been popping up all over the www and all of this exposure reminded me of a time I visited the Kate Spade store in Washington DC last summer. I saw this quote plastered on the wall in the store and loved it. I pulled out my travel journal and wrote it down in fear of forgetting about it. Almost a year later, I finally made it look pretty in illustrator and now it will proudly hang on my wall. Thank you Kate!

Speaking of Kate Spade, did you see this? I love it.


  1. I just love your blog. Slash you. Slash I want to see you soon!

  2. you have so many talents. i'm lucky to know you.

  3. i just watched this on kate's website the other day. it makes me wanna make pretty little films.

    and you are a genius with illustrator.