Thursday, December 23, 2010

mary jane + kevin.

to say i go way back with this girl is an understatement. in 7th grade, her locker was next to mine and the rest is history. we went through jr. high and high school together, lived together for two years of college, and still eat at cafe rio together once a week. is she not the most stunning bride you've ever seen? love her. i helped shoot the wedding with her talented sister (who also made the dress... amazing) and have a lot more images to sort through and will post later, but i couldn't resist throwing these out on the www for all to see.

and here is the invite i designed (mary helped a lot)
i really really love my friends and am so happy for mary and kevin!


  1. This gal's got incredible hair, and I cannot wait to see more of that dress. Lovely bride, lovely photos.

  2. So So So pretty. I love these.

  3. Wow. MJ, you look amazing. I want to see more. And I also love the announcement.I am a tough critic and it is one of my top favorites:) nice work you two!

  4. Kylie! I absolutely LOVE your blog! Can I please see you soon? I would much appreciate that.... Thanks!