Wednesday, June 9, 2010

bakery chasers.

why our bodies feel the need to eat an average of 4 cupcakes per week is beyond me.

we've tried: crumbs, magnolia, amy's bread
we're planning on visiting: billies bakery, butter lane, the cupcake truck
any others we're missing?


  1. Batch. It's on West 10th. If Betsey Johnson made a bakery, this would be it.
    Try the strawberry rhubarb, or the banana brown sugar one.

  2. this is exactly what i would be doing if i were in nyc.

  3. I loved Butter Lane and think Magnolia is way over-rated. :) Happy cupcaking to you!

  4. You have to go to Butterlane on the LES. I've heard Two Little Hens is best in the city, but haven't tried it yet. And did you try the banana pudding at Magnolia's? It's divine!

  5. Two Little Red Hens for sure - for either the cinnamon rolls (in the morning) or the Brooklyn Blackout. Or the Red Velvet.

    And Dean & Deluca for their apple fritters. You'll die.

    And Sugar Sweet Sunshine.

    And Bake, in Brooklyn. I want to go there.

  6. two little red hens is my favorite. take me when you go!

  7. this place:

  8. Make My Cake, 116th and St Nick. best red velvet in the city