Sunday, December 20, 2009

a glimpse of thanksgiving.

i've had zero time to post anything this semester... whoops. but here are a few from our thanksgiving trip to nyc. the parade was great fun and a great memory for our family. until next time, new york. as for now, will you please stop snowing and let my siblings fly home?


  1. I love, love that last photo with rink + the city. Great perspective.

    Stinks for K & R. I'll try to keep her busy for a few days.

  2. gorgeous pics. sad that tobias in part rendered you impossible to glad we're done, but i'll miss you! good thing we have blogs hehe.

  3. i love your blog... great colours, moments. it's fun! = )

  4. I love your work kylie, you take beautiful pictures. youre so talented!!!!!! ah-

    ok so im finally finding a minute to come to provo and play with you and mj, and ryan is coming too.. ill be calling you in the next couple of days.
    heart your face.

    <3 Alex