Tuesday, November 17, 2009

my phone.

i love looking at the photos on my phone because they are 100% random but such a good representation of my life.

newport harbor, me in my muu muu in hawaii (thank you haylie marie for sending me this), my 21st birthday, and 4th of july in huntington

the time when we toilet papered the other creative track class, the time when elmo came when we presented to nike, my really cool dad, and beautiful fall

fall again, celebrating christopher columbus day in fashion, cole and abby, and in n out deliciousness

president monson at byu, thriller with my roommates, mandi's cougar claws, and the los angeles temple

last but not least, me and my cute brother cole on our date this weekend. we went to dinner and to the mason jennings concert. he's the best (my brother, not mason. although... mason is pretty great too.)


  1. oh oh oh...how i adore you. 7 days!!!

  2. LOVE THE HAIR ky ky.

    I also love you in Mu Mus!!!! Let's go back to HI.

  3. wow, whit and car, you knew exactly what i was going to say. seriously. it looks awesome, ky. i want to see you soon!

  4. Hi Kylie,

    I found your blog [finally/obviously]
    Now I know what your house looks like,
    Guess I'll have to stop by sometime....
    Maybe late at night with a mask on, like a stalker....
    or not.
    I love sonic drinks too.
    And I like the pictures from your phone.
    And I like that Regina Spector video.
    And I could say a million other things, but whateve.



  5. Love, love, love the bangs. Perfect for you.

  6. Elmo...I totally forgot about that day! Hilarious!

  7. So honored to have made the cut and represent all things Columbus. Am I supposed to really believe that these photos are on your phone? Come back down to earth. You're hovering. Jealous.

  8. I love your hair too. ;)

    I love your blog.

    umm... next weekend? or maybe the next, can i make reservations to have your couch for the night and you and mary for the day?

    let me know...

  9. You got bangs! Wish mine looked like that!

  10. Elmo!!
    I love Elmo I beg my little cousin to watch it with me. Yes I beg HER

  11. making your blog makes my day. love you