Friday, October 9, 2009


if these people weren't living under my same roof, i would:

1. possibly hate provo
2. never have anyone to go get sonic drinks with
3. be really productive
4. not have late night laughing festivals
5. get made fun of because no one would get my jokes
6. not have anyone to walk to campus with
7. feel like i could never make fun of people as frequently as i do
8. never be nominated for roommate of the month
9. never tell stupid, pointless stories and laugh hysterically at them
10. not have a second family of 6 in provo


  1. I should have lived in a house during college! I was in a bunch of random apartments. Looks like you're living the dream!

  2. How fun! You and all of your roomies are so gorgeous!!! And Kys you're just good at capturing people in pictures.

  3. i love all the adorable belts everyone has! i just want to steal all of the cute clothes and accessories :)

  4. so cute I love your pictures!!! So how can i get a photoshoot date with you and my belly?? I think I want to take them sooner than later because I'm starting to get a little chubby:)

  5. man. i just love you guys. and i still want a tour of the candy shoppe. when can i see you?

  6. You just can't get cuter that you guys! Sometimes I secretly wish I still lived with girls!

  7. you guys are cute. love the pics!

  8. kylie! you are amazing! um you should be teaching me how to take pictures! and can i please steal the wardrobe from each of your roommates?!