Thursday, August 20, 2009

nyc eats.

we ate such good food while i was in new york. enough said. personally, i think the best part of new york is the ability to go to a new, amazing restaurant every day. it's so fun. i am not an expert on eating in the city by any means, but my sister knows a thing or two. here are a few of my favorites:

the shake shack
is a must when you go to the city and everyone knows it. fun, and the burgers are pretty good.
john's pizza is a family favorite. we always go there when we're in the city. never disappoints. sweetie pie was a fun place to go with my girls casey and carly. you can sit in a cage, so naturally, we loved it. after dinner, we stopped at amy's bread on bleeker street and let's just say, we went back the next day to eat another slice of the chocolate cake.
cafe lalo is also an old past time. when i lived on the upper west side with kels, i made her go there with me all the time. can't get enough of that belgium waffle.
tasti d lite has the best yogurt around. many would disagree, but i just love it. i don't know why! and j. g. melon was the best burger i have ever had. i would recommend going there first if you visit the city.

we also splurged on a delicious night out at bobby flay's bar americain. i also loved max brenner for dessert. such a fun atmosphere and their branding is out of this world. and finally, the best pizza i've ever had was at keste pizzeria in the west village. it was just named new york's best pizza by new york magazine. we went with ad lab friends and loved it.

i know what you're thinking... did she ever stop eating while in new york? the answer: rarely. worth it? totally.

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  1. i have to agree with you.... the food is the best in the city! Justin and I plan our trips around where we are going to eat next. It's kind of pathetic, but totally worth it! You make me want to go back.