Saturday, July 18, 2009

the next month.

i'm going to be hopping from coast to coast this next month. i've had several people ask me about my availability, so here is my status. email me if you want to schedule something! i've already got some exciting shoots lined up. can't wait.

july 26-29: utah
august 1-4: utah
august 5-14: new york city
august 15-22: california
august 23: back to utah for good


  1. photoshoot at the salt flats to put up in the candy shoppe.. as soon as your back in utah for good we're making a trip up north.

  2. i'm so jealous of all of your traveling!

    and i took the intro to photography class at byu during spring. to be honest, i didn't learn all the much technically. i felt like it was all review of the basics i already knew - but i felt like it made me think much more creatively.

    ps. when you're back in utah for good, we totally need to have a photo shoot party!

  3. I just wanted to let you know I love your blog and your pictures!!!

  4. come home, come home, come home, come home.

  5. Can't wait for you to come to New York. I think you'll have fun (& we'll have fun!).

    PS - your website looks great. Love it.