Friday, June 12, 2009

can you say excited?

i just booked a flight to go hang out with these two in the big city in august. say hello to re-living the summer kels and i spent there together 3 years ago for a week. cupcakes, fine dining, photoshoots, and quality time with friends made in the brimhall building (shout out to casey and carly). kels even said she would give me cooking lessons if i give her photography tips. sounds like a good deal to me!

can't. hardly. wait.


  1. Can you say Jealous??! :) Have fun!

  2. love the shout out! I'm SOOOOO excited you're coming. can't wait!

  3. You are having THEE best summer EVER!

  4. Kylie! You're great! Love, love your photos.

    Your sister Kelsey = my friend. She told me about your blog.

    And you're coming to New York! I want to chat with you about taking our photos while you're here, if you're up for it / I can afford you. :)