Monday, April 13, 2009

grandpa jack.

i was lucky enough to interview my grandpa jack a couple weeks ago. it was such a rewarding experience and i am now motivated to interview all of my grandparents. i loved the stories, the wisdom, and the experiences he shared. i'm so lucky to have him as an example of what is truly important in life. read more here. thanks grandpa!

KN: What has been your business philosophy?

EJN: I don’t know that I could condense it into a statement. The fundamental principles that the Savior taught are the best fundamental business principles that I know. If you treat the other person like you’d like to be treated, if you’re honest in your dealings, if you always try to give a little bit more than is expected instead of trying to take more for yourself and always try to find a way to give, you will find true happiness. You can never give enough to the point that it will hurt you. It will always benefit you. It is an unwritten law that the more you give, the more you gain. It just happens that way; I can’t tell you how. Keep those fundamental principles working and treat people with respect. Every person I meet is my superior in some way. They may not have as much education or experience as me, but he or she has some trait about them that I could learn from to improve my life. If you look at other people that way, in a way that they are a major importance to you, you will be successful in any aspect in life.


  1. SO COOL!
    michelle and i interviewed both of my grandma's last summer and i have yet to transcribe the audio. you're so inspiring and i can't believe



  2. Kylie this is so cool! I love this so, so much! I am tearing up reading all the interview stuff. What a neat grandpa we have and now it is actually written down and so well photographed!!! I LOVE it!

  3. LOVE THIS! So cool. I love all the pictures and the interview. Thanks for doing this so we all have a little piece of Grandpa! Love you!